Nose reshaping in Lahore Pakistan or Rhinoplasty is to improve the looks of your nose. In your consultation with Dr. OBT Best Plastic Surgeon, he will examine your nose and then will ask about your concerns.

Rhinoplasty and nose plastic surgery in Lahore Pakistan and nose reshaping in Lahore Pakistan are different names. It is a safe procedure and Rhinoplasty success rate in Lahore Pakistan is high for an experienced Plastic Surgeon. By Nose job get the shape you desire or similar to that, depending on your realistic expectations. Usually, Dr. OBT discusses with his nose plastic surgery patients about what is wrong and what you need and how he will do it.

While choosing Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Lahore Pakistan, you must spend your time in selecting the best Rhinoplasty Surgeon Lahore Pakistan and best Rhinoplasty Clinic Lahore Pakistan.

Hump reduction, nostril narrowing, tip-narrowing, septum deviation and broad nose corrective surgery are all performed by Dr. OBT. After a clinical examination, Dr.Osman will advise the best rhinoplasty technique for best possible outcome.

Operating time: 2 hours
Anesthesia: General Anesthesia
Overnight stay at clinic: Not required
Recovery time: 1 week